jueves, 19 de junio de 2008

La autobiografía de Bob Dylan

Me llegó hoy, muy a tiempo, un libro que me pedí por amazon, nada menos que la autobiografía de Bob Dylan (el primer volumen), y, por supuesto, puse todo lo que estaba haciendo en espera y la empecé a leer. Comparto con ustedes la primera página, que sienta en parte el tono de todo el libro. Disfruten.

Lou Levy, top man of Leeds Music Publishing company, took me up in a taxi to the Pythian Temple on West 70th Street to show me the pocket sized recording studio where Bill Haley and his Comets had recorded "Rock Around the Clock"-then down to Jack Dempsey's restaurant on 58th and Broadway, where we sat down in a red leather upholstered booth facing the front window.
Lou introduced me to Jack Dempsey, the great boxer. Jack shook his fist at me.
“You look too light for a heavyweight kid, you’ll have to put on a few pounds. You’re gonna have to dress a little finer, look a little sharper-not that you’ll need much in the way of clothes when you’re in the ring-don’t be afraid of hitting something too hard.”
“He’s not a boxer, Jack, he’s a songwriter and we’ll be publishing his songs.”
“Oh, yeah, well I hope to hear ‘em some of these days. Good luck to you, kid.”

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